Anohana Wiki
Visual Novel
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Title Anohana (PSP)
Developer 5pb
Designer Tanaka Masayoshi
Composer Horikawa Reimi
Platform Playstation Portable
Date JP: August 30, 2012
Genre Slice of Life, Supernatural, Drama
Rating CERO: B (12+)
Mode Single-player


The visual novel strictly follows the story of the anime, along with a few extra cut scenes.


As the player follows the original story line, there will be different places to go and choices to choose from. These choices cause different cut scenes, but all of them lead to the ending of the anime.

Each of the "Super Peace Busters" get a route, giving more background to the characters that weren't allowed much screen time in the anime.

At the end of each chapter, the player gets to communicate with a 3D model of Menma, though these short segments serve no significance to the plot.


  • The graphics and soundtrack were all done by the same people who worked on the anime, most of the soundtracks from the anime being used.
  • Menma is the only character who gets a 3D model in the game.