My life is as usual nothing special and nothing dull but these past few days are getting peculiar to me,I found these group of girls after my old friends and I went our different ways and they sure can make a clown out of me,I mean they're not evil or something what I ment was they sure know how to make the inner me stand out,out of my whole personality...I guess they are really that awesome but ofcourse I didn't notice them before because all I was thinking about the whole time was those misunderstandings with me and my old friends..the new me? I'm happy with it..I'm happy that my little voice that has been kept for a long time has been transformed into a beautiful and wholesome voice when joined with these girls beside me..I can't even say a word in front of everyone before but then a beautifu accident came into my life and that is meeting these girls and they made me believe that something peculiar is inside of me that no one has never known because it was kept inside of me for this whole time...I'm good at singing ,maybe a little that's what they told me and because of that they made me sing loudly with my unmasked voice and personality...maybe everyone has their own weaknesses and sometimes it just needs someone who can make you believe that there's so much more in you thatn you can ever imagine..


menma a girl who got through it all


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