Jinta "Jintan" YadomiEdit

She acts rudely to him in front of others but in reality cares for him. It has even been shown she still loves him the way she did when they were children. However, she never had the courage to tell him because she knew he was in love with Menma. In the present, she is frustrated with his obsession and inability to let go of Menma's death and memory. She confesses to him at one point and while the two have gotten closer, their relationship hasn't changed yet.

Meiko "Menma" Honma Edit

Meiko was one of Naruko's close childhood friends; a fellow member of the Super Peace Busters. Naruko had admired Meiko, and strove to be like her when they were children, though she was simultaneously envious of her relationship with Jinta. Naruko remains jealous that Meiko is still Jinta's subject of attention and feels guilty for asking the question that led to Meiko's drowning. Naruko plays an active role in granting Meiko's wish, despite doubting her return at the beginning of the series. Meiko states that Naruko is exactly the same as she was as a child: still very kind, as well as having a lot of games and comics in her possession.

Atsumu "Yukiatsu" Matsuyumi Edit

Atsumu states that both he and Naruko were left behind and are trapped by their unrequited feelings for Meiko and Jinta, respectively. Due to this mutual understanding of unrequited love, Atsumu considers them kindred spirits. When Naruko is being assaulted outside of a love hotel, Atsumu comes to her aid and rides the train home with her. He also suggests that they should date several times throughout the series. Atsumu insists that he isn't joking, though he is still hung up on Meiko.