Naruko Anjou[edit | edit source]

Jinta and Naruko playing Nokemon

Jinta sustains a close friendship with Naruko, although she shows more romantic feelings towards him. They encounter each other when Anaru comes over to give him the summer homework, but end up on bad terms. Afterwards, as to grant Menma's first wish, he asks Anaru to help him get a legendary in the game 'Nokemon', which brings them closer. With the barbecue and him saving Anaru from falling, they keep hanging out to fulfill Menma's wish. Jintan even stands up for her when she's being targeted by her classmates for being spotted outside a love hotel. However, she confesses her unrequited feelings when they were working at a video game store.  They end up together at the end of the series.

Menma[edit | edit source]

Jinta has shown romantic affection to Menma throughout the show. Of course her death has affected him. He showed these feelings in preschool, but he didn’t tell anyone, since Menma is still a spirit and can talk to him. He continues to show romantic feelings towards her.

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