Episode 9 - "Menma and Company"
English Menma and Company
Kanji みんなとめんま
Rōmaji Minna to Menma
Release June 9, 2011
Running Time 24 Minutes
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Menma and Company is the ninth episode of the Anohana anime. It aired on June 9th, 2011.


The gang went to Jinta's house, where they witness Menma's presence first hand, though it is shown that Menma is unable to write anywhere but the secret base. Afterwards, Atsumu says they should continue their efforts, going with Chiriko the next day to beg Menma's father for permission to have the fireworks made. As work on the fireworks begins, Atsumu becomes frustrated that only Jinta can see Menma, while Naruko is upset that she can't compare to her. As Atsumu tries to cheer Naruko up, Chiriko overhears Atsumu mention that he would go out with Naruko. After spending the evening with Tetsudō, Menma spots a carp in the river and goes to investigate, which scares Jinta when he spots her near the river, letting out that he wants her to stay forever. 


  • At some point in the episode, Jinta uses a shirt saying " I <3" when right next to him is Menma. This may be an indirect clue, sense it would be "I <3 Menma" and the episode is called Menma AND Company.

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