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Episode 6 : "Forget It, Don't Forget It"
English Forget It, Don't Forget It
Kanji わすれてわすれないで
Rōmaji Wasurete Wasurenaide
Release May 19, 2011
Running Time 24 Minutes
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Forget It, Don't Forget It is the sixth episode of the Anohana anime. It aired on May 19th, 2011.


Trying to figure out Menma's wish, Jintan decides to make his long-delayed return to school. However, his return is overshadowed over rumors about Naruko having been spotted at a love hotel. As Naruko becomes noticeably upset by all the nasty gossip surrounding her, Jinta stands up for her, and both leave class right away. With Naruko troubled about her parents hearing about the news, she decides to stay at the secret base. Hoping if there are any clues to what Menma's wish might be, Jinta, Naruko and Tetsudō visit Menma's house to pay their respects, where they meet her mother, who gives them Menma's diary, which they agree to read the next day. When Jinta mentions the visit to Menma, she becomes upset as she wanted her mother to forget about her so that she wouldn't be sad. Jinta, in turn, yells at her for never thinking of herself and runs off.


  • Jinta is watching the anime "Occult Academy".
  • At the end where Anaru was seen changing by Jinta, she said the same line as Yasuko from "Toradora" to Taiga.

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