Episode 10 - "Fireworks"
English Fireworks
Kanji 花火
Rōmaji Hanabi
Release June 16, 2011
Running Time 24 Minutes
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Fireworks is the tenth episode of the Anohana anime. It aired on June 16th, 2011.


As the gang holds a party in Menma's honor in preparation for next day's fireworks, Chiriko becomes cold towards Atsumu, mentioning that on that day, Menma apparently wanted to do something for Jinta. On the night of the party, Atsumu has Naruko and Tetsudō pressure Jinta into admitting his true feelings for Menma in front of everyone. As Naruko laments his answer, Chiriko reveals to her that she loves Atsumu, to which Naruko admits she loves Jinta. Jinta asks Menma if she would rather stay here so that they could be together, to which Menma responds that she plans to go on to rest in peace. On the day of the firework launch, Satoshi comes to watch while Jinta has doubts of going through with it. Jinta wants to stop the firework, however, he's too late. As the firework launches, Jinta turns around to Menma's shouting, "Wow, a flower bloomed in the sky!".  Jinta and Menma are equally surprised to realize that the latter has not disappeared. Jinta, naturally, is quite relieved.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of episode 10, "Fireworks", is the same name of episode 10 of Toradora! Whether or not it's a reference or just a coincidence is unknown.

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