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Having said goodbye to Hisakawa and Anjo, Menma and I walked back home.

Menma, who likes to speak so much, was now silent. Therefore, I also kept silent while I walked.

My chest that had been held onto by Matsuyuki still seemed to emit faint heat.

I wanted to say something to Menma, but I couldn’t find my words; I didn’t know what I should say.

Perhaps, Menma was now having the same feeling as I. She wanted to say something, but…

Matsuyuki’s face would always pop up in the head.

Then, all the words would be swept away by the turbulent emotions on the chest before they could reach the throat.

Spontaneously, the street lamps flashed brightly and dimly in the dark town. The street lamps were very far from each other. Menma’s body was shone after all that darkness but was then submerged in darkness again after a while.

Morning, come quicker.

I prayed to the night that had come just a moment ago.

Morning, come quicker…and shine upon Menma’s smile.

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