• Anohanaisthebestever

    Hello fellow anohana fans! I made a anohana discord server but it’s fairly dead and I was looking to expand the community. I hope some of you fans drop by. The link for the discord is

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  • Flower Rose31

    Tsuruko a intelligent student

    Menma a kind and cute girl

    Anaru the most shy and boastful

    Popo a very positive and funny of them all

    Yukiatsu a sinceres of them all

    Jintan the most lazy of them all

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  • LoveLiverIzeru

    Watching AnoHana

    February 15, 2018 by LoveLiverIzeru

    When AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day came out, I immediately wanted to watch it since my friends were all nagging me to watch it whenn it came out. I'll be honest here. When I watched the 1st episode, I was already crying by the end of it. The anime just touched me so much. I had a feeling that in another life, I had experienced this. And yes, I know that sounds crazy. But bear with me here. I'm a deep thinker so I think about my existence and what roles we play in this century.

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  • Sofiey16

    little voice

    January 19, 2018 by Sofiey16

    My life is as usual nothing special and nothing dull but these past few days are getting peculiar to me,I found these group of girls after my old friends and I went our different ways and they sure can make a clown out of me,I mean they're not evil or something what I ment was they sure know how to make the inner me stand out,out of my whole personality...I guess they are really that awesome but ofcourse I didn't notice them before because all I was thinking about the whole time was those misunderstandings with me and my old friends..the new me? I'm happy with it..I'm happy that my little voice that has been kept for a long time has been transformed into a beautiful and wholesome voice when joined with these girls beside me..I can't even s…

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  • Hongqilim

    Aniplex of America announced at its Sakura-Con panel on Saturday that it is dubbing the anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day television anime series. The company streamed a teaser trailer at the panel, but has not yet announced details on the release.

    In addition, Aniplex of America announced that it will release the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic anime on Blu-ray Disc box sets. Both sets will ship on June 27 with a store price of US$119.98. Each will include 25 episodes with Japanese and English audio, the textless opening and closing sequences, and the English trailer.

    Patrick Seitz is directing the anohana dub and the cast is as follows:

    • Griffin Burns as Jinta Yadomi
    • Xanthe Huynh as Meiko Honma
    • Erica Lindbeck as …

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  • Anohana

    Adopting Wiki

    January 23, 2015 by Anohana

    Hi, I know no one will respond to this blog, but since the requirements compel me to make a blog when there have been only two other "active contributors" in the last month, I have to write this. I would like to adopt and become the new admin of this wiki. I hope this is fine with everyone. Thanks.

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  • Toke4J

    I mean

    August 17, 2014 by Toke4J

    Really ?

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  • Toke4J


    August 17, 2014 by Toke4J

    Did someone not cry while watching this ?

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  • Toke4J

    This is Lonely

    August 17, 2014 by Toke4J

    I've been admin for over a year now, yet I have almost never seen another admin besides me or Ink around here, Shadow used to be here sometimes, but never again.... Where are you ? :'(

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  • Zubeia


    April 13, 2014 by Zubeia

    Admin speaking here. I have no idea what the hell happened there with Menma's page, but I fixed it completely now. I'm actively back now, I have been on an internet break, so I will make sure to look things over again now. I'm glad to see though that not more pages were heavily violated in my absence.

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  • Esmorax


    October 16, 2013 by Esmorax

    Hi everyone!

    I look forward in helping to improve this awesome wiki!

    I absolutely LOVED the anime and think it deserves a even better wiki!

    I have helped on a handfull of wiki's before, e.g. Shaman King Wiki, Future Diary Wiki and Oreimo Wiki.

    If you have any questions, you can always try me! ^^


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  • Miu Ousawa

    I think it's sad. Maybe, some people cried on that moment. :(

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  • Fallleavesfall


    July 7, 2013 by Fallleavesfall

    So I've just started to get into the wiki editing process, and I love it!  It's a lot of fun to go back and dig in my screenshots and stuff to see what I can add, especially since Anohana's had so much personal meaning to me.  I'll be sure to add more content as I watch the series again.

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  • ShyShadow

    Favorite Character

    May 11, 2013 by ShyShadow

    Who's your favorite character in Anohana?

    Mines personally is either Menma or Chiriko.

    Menma's extremely sweet,

    Chiriko is actually logical and intelligent.

    What do you think?

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