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What are we doing for fun tomorrow?

At that place, there are endless ways of finding pleasure. Dig in the soft dirt under the trees, and you will find a lot of rhino beetle larvae. You can skip flat stones at the dry river bed. You can play sumo in the pine tree leaves. Daruma-san ga koronda is good too.

The color ghost might be lacking when compared, as the colors in the mountains are nothing but green, light brown, and grey. Where can we find other colors?

Oh, there is that color—white. It’s the color of the dress she is always wearing.

But that white is like the towels when you take a bath: slowly changing to indigo as water invades inside.

Even if it was white, it would still vanish.

Tomorrow, to replace the white that suddenly vanished, I decided to wear a white T-shirt—within that haziness.

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